Thursday, 24 September 2009

New Custom Google Search added to Aboriginal Art Blog

We have added another new feature to Aboriginal Art Blog to help better increase your ability to use the blog to find out anything and everything you want about Aboriginal Art.

In the right hand column we have added a Google search box so if you want to search anything from the web or from just within this blog you can do so now from any page. Once you enter the search term you will be taken to a custom Google search page where the results will be displayed and you can choose to click on a result or a relevant ad, or you can search again.

You wont have to worry about clicking back to view Aboriginal Art Blog as the search page open in a new browser tab.

This custom Google search engine has been specially modified to help assist better with searches related to Aboriginal art whilst also being able to handle searches on any subject just like the regular Google can.

Give it a try!



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